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We work within the framework of Te Whariki, the National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education in New Zealand.

We strive to help children “grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society” (Te Whariki, Ministry of Education, 1996).

Our daily programme is a combination of planned and spontaneous teacher or child-led experiences. We believe in child-led learning, we view each child as capable and competent.

Our planning and assessment identifies a child or group’s interest and then plans for experiences that allows children to extend and deepen their knowledge in that area. We understand that each child has their own learning style and our planning and teaching  supports that.

Getting into the great outdoors, by taking regular excursions as a part of our adventure kids programme allows children the opportunity to develop their natural sense of wonder - they can take risks, problem solve, learn determination or solitude; nature has no intended purpose but to inspire.

We value independence and resilience in children, in our daily work we help them develop capability caring for themselves and their environment (eating, toileting, cleaning up after themselves etc) as well as the skills and ability to deal with emotionally or physically challenging situations, like negotiating relationships with peers, settling happily in the morning, persisting with physical challenges etc.

Interwoven throughout the day we help children develop the skills and dispositions necessary for school, writing their names on their art work, cutting for art projects, sitting and focusing at mat time etc.

We are a team of creative educators and provide children the opportunity to explore their interests through activities like arts and crafts, woodwork, flax weaving, yoga, playing musical instruments, various styles of dance, theatre and performance art.

At the heart of our center is the kitchen and a big part of the children’s daily routines revolves around growing and cooking the food they eat. The activities around food changes with the natural cycles of the seasons.

our programme

The basis of our programme, planning and assessment are our Center Learning Priorities:

Children gain a strong sense of identity, empowering them to initiate and maintain authentic, reciprocal relationships.

Children experience holistic well-being and a sense of belonging at Kanuka Corner.  Their learning unfolds naturally through their experience engaging in our play based programme.

Children grow their relationships with the natural world, gaining a perception of themselves as kaitiaki and resilient problem solvers.

Children experience a way of knowing, being and doing within Te Ao Maori and their own culture.​

Children feel confident and proud to express themselves creatively.

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