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Physical Environment

The outdoor environment is a playscape inspired by nature, promoting a love of adventure and exploration. The indoor environment offers a homely, nurturing, calm space.

Nature Exploration Programme

Based in the Forest school’s philosophy children spend regular time exploring the great outdoors. This helps them develop necessary mental and physical life skills.


As a part of our day to day life at Kanuka Corner, children will partake in growing and cooking our own food. Wholesome, healthy food is a passion of ours and we believe that what children eat has a huge impact on their learning and development. At the heart of our center is a kitchen,  where we will have a inspired cook to make simple and delicious food daily, using locally sourced ingredients (where possible).

Sourced from Nature

Wherever possible our resources are sustainable, recyclable, and gifted from nature. Our indoor environment offers a homely nurturing calm space.


Respectful caring relationships are the foundation of everything we do. Children develop a sense of belonging and positive view of themselves through the relationships surrounding them. Between teachers, children and whanau, also between different aged children, sharing the outdoor area and making visits to the other room, allows them to develop relationships with children in different age groups. We are a family of learners.

our values


We value community and understand that it takes a village to raise a child. Our values are influenced strongly by those of the community we live in.


We promote bi-culturalism valuing Mäori language and culture. Also, celebrating full cultural diversity.


The seeds of creativity live in everyone.  We endeavor to nurture this imagination in all ways possible.  Children have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, theatre, music, dance and yoga.

Te Whariki

Our programme is based in Te Whariki, the bi-cultural, holistic curriculum that is the basis of Early Childhood Education in New Zealand.

Assessment and Planning

Our assessment and planning is a combination of child led inquiry based learning and teacher facilitated experiences. We recognize that each child has their own unique learning style and adapt our teaching styles to suit.

Preparation for School

We help children develop the skills and dispositions necessary for them to start school feeling capable and confident.

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